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Given that English is a natural part of the camp program, there is no need to use teaching techniques that would resemble those from school. Children therefore constantly perceive the English language by actually learning, though focus on other things such as games or other camp activities. The types of game are deliberately designed to equally represent activity and creativity. In other words – during the day kids play sports, create, experience real adventure, or become inspired to develop their own imagination and are kept engaged by the constant alternation of interesting activities. Their agenda is busy and English becomes commonplace and fun, even to those who are timid to venture out and participate actively in the conversation.


Cottages which provide the accommodation have undergone careful modernization carried out in a tasteful manor. Bright colours create a cosy environment which gives children the necessary support and comfort. Each cottage has two separate rooms, one with four and the other with six beds, as well as a shared entrance hall and veranda. Plug sockets are available in each room. Modern bathrooms are equipped with hot water showers and offer a high standard. Of course there is cleanliness and regular upgrading of the premises used for cooking and eating. The area also offers plenty of other covered areas, usable in all weather conditions. Covered terraces of different sizes anda clubhouse serve several different purposes. Sports facilities include football pitches and beach volleyball courts among others. We also have rowing boats and life jackets, table tennis tables and bats, petanque, badminton, softball, cricket and other games.


Transport from and to Prague is provided in the form of the quality and luxuriously equipped bus company autobusy-dvorak.cz. This company provides us with the services of solely Mercedes buses and VDL, which meet the highest quality and comfort in transportation. The bus transport is not included in the price of the camp and the journey there and back is charged at a one off amount of EUR 25 for the return journey. For parents who bring children directly to the camp, together with other documents, we have a detailed map of how to get to camps available. Would you like to already see exactly where the summer camp SUMMER TIME is held? This map will help you.


For those who plan to travel to the Czech Republic from abroad, we offer the possibility of a pick up at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague or at the main train or bus station in Prague. Our representative will pick up the participant at a specified time of arrival and transport them either to our bus departure point in Prague, or directly to the camp resort. Likewise, the return trip from the camp back to the airport, train or bus station on the final day of the camp. This service is optional and is charged separately. Please note, participants who require pick up from/to Prague, this is only possible on the start/end day of the camp term attended. In the event that our representative will pick up and take the participant only to and from our bus pick up point in Prague a one off fee of EUR 100 round trip will be charged. In the event of an individual transfer to the camp and back a one off fee of EUR 225 will be charged. Please contact us for further info and details.


The English-speaking leaders come from England, the USA, Canada or Australia. All of them are professionally qualified to work with children. We have a minimum requirement that they have attended an International TEFL Certificate Training Program that prepares native speakers for teaching children and adult students and authorises the teaching of English as a foreign language. Our teachers have been educated at a number of prestigious international schools or are certified to teach children by reputable language agencies, primarily through the TEFL Worldwide Pragueteflworldwideprague.com, a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, Oxford TEFLoxfordtefl.com, belonging to the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and finally The Language House TEFLthelanguagehouse.net. The Czech leaders also go through extensive training. The kitchen staff have been chosen in the best confidence, which is a guarantee of quality and varied meals. The healthcare provider is also chosen carefully, either from a hospital (as a doctor or a nurse) or from university at least after the third year of studying medicine (a medical student). It is of course a given that we also oversee participants who regularly take medication. Every day during the camp we publish actual photos on Facebook so that parents have a constant overview of all our activities. Our references and comments on Facebook testify that we have many satisfied parents and children from our past seasons.
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The care of all participants at our camp takes precedence. There are two leaders (one English and one Czech) who look after the children at all times. While swimming or boating (life jackets are always used in the boats) another adult accompanies them. We are very strict in these cases. The camp’s program can sometimes be quite demanding, which is why we never forget important and necessary rest periods. We don’t want the children to get tired or exhausted. We adjust the games and activities to the weather conditions, particularly during hot, summer days. Beverages are always available in the dining room, which means the children will be properly hydrated all day and night. Recently, there has been a worldwide increase regarding negative social behaviour (vexation or unmotivated violence), and it is important for us to be vigilant that it does not occur in any way at our camp. So far, thankfully, we have had no experience with any behaviour of this manner, but we are well prepared to prevent it from occurring. In case of any serious behaviour offence, we reserve the right to act urgently. The camp resort is situated in a safe place. The camp program is often challenging, so we never forget the importance of taking a moment to relax. Our leaders annually receive training on hygiene and health at work with children. The regional public health authority regularly inspects our eligibility to work with children and compliance with all standards set for accommodation and meals, as is evident from reports which are published on the references. Although we strive wholeheartedly to ensure that children are always well taken care of, we do not forget to insure all events. Our travel agency is of course legally insured.


Nowadays, in a world where there is an increasing manifestation of negative attitudes among children towards other children, such as unmotivated violence or bullying. We pay great attention to ensure that such an attitude or behaviour is not present at our camps. Fortunately, so far we have not had any bad experience of this type, yet we definitely do not underestimate the possibility of such expressions. We are able to weigh up whether certain minor conflicts between children are only the usual bickering, or whether it could be signs of socially dangerous conduct. In this case, we reserve the right to cancel any future stays at the camps for anyone whose actions may threaten the physical or mental health of other children, or to exclude them from camp activities. Similarly, we do not tolerate the use of any drugs, hence no smoking. Likewise, we assure that the relations between boys and girls should not go beyond harmless children's romance. Maybe to some, we seem unnecessarily strict, but it should be noted that in such conditions, where a larger number of children are spending a lot of time together, it is necessary to maintain discipline in order to reliably ensure our main purpose – to provide unspoilt entertainment, enlightenment and joy to all children.
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